Django Two: 215 & 240 ‘THOKIE’

The new Django Two ‘THOKIE’ models bring new levels of comfort and style to the demountable and adventure camper market. Available in two models, 215 for Double Cab base cars and 240 for Extra Cab style cars.

The Django Two ‘THOKIE’ is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards from only the finest materials and components.  The vacuum bonded ZTB® body structure forms an aerodynamic, one piece, monocoque shell . There are no joints to leak and no timber framework to rot.

Insulation is exceptional, there are no thermal bridges in the construction and minimal heating is required in winter. You will want to enjoy this one all year so the perfect insulation is backed up by a superb heating system incorporating special underfloor system. Additional ducting is built into the seating and bed structures to keep you warm and comfortable no matter how harsh things get outside. In summer the camper stays cool and comfortable and well sealing fly screens on all openings keep mozzies outside.

The interior is as practical as it is beautiful. It is delightfully spacious and comfortable and includes over 1500 litres of practical, usable cupboard space, a nice galley and a well proportioned washroom with cassette toilet and shower.

Model 240 looking forward. Note the optional full length storage drawers under bed. Main bed can be configured North/South or East/West on request. Note also the full width table slide allowing table to instantly provide additional kitchen worktop space when required.

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Internal 360 Panoramic view:   Click here…  (it’s a large file so you may need be patient while it loads).

Floorplan/Dimensions (Model 215)

Key Features:

  • Super light, super strong, fully composite body
  • Meticulously designed to ensure optimum weight distribution, even when loaded
  • Engineered for all season use with ZTB® (Zero Thermal Bridge) construction
  • Roof rack option ideal for Kayaks, Surfboards, Windsurfers etc.
  • Permanent King Size double bed with heated/ventilated bed base.
  • Beautiful, luxurious interior superbly engineered in lightweight materials throughout with over 1500 litres of storage space
  • Truma Combi water/space heater with special underfloor/seating/sleeping system.  LPG fuel standard. Diesel & Hybrid mains variants optional
  • 80 litre Compressor Fridge/Freezer
  • Washroom with Cassette Toilet
  • Shower option
  • 215 fits 99% of Double Cab base cars, 240 fits 99% of 1 ½  Cab base cars .

Principal Dimensions:

  • Overall Length: 4060 mm (215) / 4310mm (240)
  • Overall Width: 2010 mm
  • Overall Body Height: 2020 mm
  • Overcab Bed Size: 1950 x 1600 mm
  • Operational weight with standard specification 570kg

Price Guide:

  • With series specification (including hot water/heating) around £28,000 plus VAT (@€1 = £0.896)

Lead Time:

  • Typically 8-9 months

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