Important notice regarding Brexshit

Given the long lead times on our range it is not possible to predict what import duties, shipping rates and various other import related costs might be at time of delivery. Even without the extreme currency fluctuations it is simply impossible to predict the final cost at time of delivery. We are therefore not able to take any orders until the situation is resolved.

Gazell + Defender = Wow!

We recently had a client call and ask if we could find a buyer for his much used and much loved Gazell. He wanted a good price for it and he especially wanted it to go to a good home.

We were able to help him on both counts and negotiated the sale for him along with installation on the new owner’s Defender 110.

Installation on most 4×4 trucks is straight forward but the taller cab of the Defender makes it a bit more complicated. The job needs to be done by people who really understand the Defender, especially if the car will be used off-road (it will be, it’s a Defender!) so we used our friends & technical partners down at Devon 4×4 for the installation and a fine job they did too.

The buyers, a lovely Dutch couple, are based in Portugal and have many exciting trips planned for their new toy. We look forward to hearing of their adventures!

Django Two… NEW!!!

The new Django Two ‘THOKIE’ models bring new levels of comfort and style to the demountable and adventure camper market.  Built in Germany to the highest possible standards the bodies are super light, super strong and perfectly insulated. Interior finish is exceptional and is as practical as it is beautiful. Available in two models, 215 for Double Cab base cars and 240 for Extra Cab style cars.

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2018 Range…

Out with the old…

For 2018 we will no longer offer Dutch Campers in our range. The transition from small scale manufacturer supplying local clients to supplying international dealers is a big step, in this case too big and they have decided their best future is to go back to their roots. We’ve become good friends over the years  and we wish them well.

In with the new…

We’ve been working on the development of our own Django range for some time now. With the super compact Gazell at one end and the luxurious Herman Royal Sport range at the other we already have the absolute best campers available at each end of the spectrum.

The Django range will fill the gap and complete the line up. It launches in February with the compact ‘pop top’ Django One, a fabulous all season, go anywhere camper featuring solid sided lifting roof, huge permanent double bed, superb galley, cassette toilet and even a shower option. Django One will be joined later by Django 200, a fixed roof version of Django One and Django 220 a wider ‘full size’ version.

Designed for the UK, the Django range is built to our exacting standards in Solvenia by Herman. Herman are very well known on the continent, especially in Germany, where they are renowned for their extremely high quality and super light weight. Their skilful use of carbon fibre with lavish yet light weight, durable interiors combine to create something very special indeed.

Eager customers are only half the battle though, you have to be able to meet that demand too; enter Herman’s brand new purpose built factory now well under way in Celje. The new factory will ensure Herman are able to meet demand well into the future. Production will be moved there in the Spring with the first campers rolling out the doors there in April.

Herman’s brand new purpose built factory is now well under way. Our entire Django Carbon range will be built on a new line here alongside Herman’s own Royal Sport and Grand Royal lines.

The Range at a Glance…

  Floor length 200cm 220cm 250cm 280cm 300cm

  Standard or available features Django Gazell Royal Sport Trayon
  Fully composite body (no wood/no leaks/no rot) Carbon Fibre (ZTB) Moulded GRP Carbon on Alloy frame  Alloy/Canvas
  2 berth Yes Yes Yes Yes
  3 berth Opt No Yes Yes
  2 + 2 berths Opt Yes Yes Yes
  4 berths No No Yes Yes
  6 berths No No Opt No
  4 season use Yes Yes Yes +/-
  Heating Yes Opt Yes Opt
  Hot water Yes Opt Yes Opt
  Shower Opt Yes Yes Opt
  Toilet Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Easy wind up jacks Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Self levelling jacks No No Yes No
  Independent use on jacks Yes No Yes Yes
  Fits Single Cab Yes No Yes Yes
  Fits Extra Cab Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Fits Double Cab Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Coming soon… Django!

Introducing Django. The all new super compact, sub 500kg, lift roof carbon fibre camper…

  • Ultra light, hyper strong, all bonded Carbon Fibre body

  • Engineered for all season use with unique ZTB® (Zero Thermal Bridge) construction

  • Solid sided elevating roof with push button operation.

  • Travel height under 240cm – Better handling,  better economy.  Ships as a car on ferries, sneaks under height barriers, fits in a standard shipping container.

  • Roof rack option ideal for Kayaks, Surfboards, Windsurfers etc.

  • Permanent King Size double bed

  • Extremely durable yet luxurious interior with real wood veneer furniture

  • Cassette Toilet with privacy blind

  • Shower option

  • Choice of LPG or Diesel Central Heating

  • Choice of Electric, LPG or Diesel Hot Water system

  • Fits 99% of pickups

  • Price guide: £15,000 to £25,000 plus VAT depending on specification

Principal dimensions:

  • Overall Length: 3970 mm

  • Overall Width: 1850 mm

  • Floor Length (external): 2200 mm

  • Overall Body Height: 1480 mm

  • Typical Overall Road Height (on 4×4 base car): 2380 mm

  • Overcab Bed Size: 2000 x 1760 mm

  • Sofa Bed Size: 1760mm (head) / 800mm (base) x 1800 mm

  • Headroom: (Travel) 1340mm (Camp) 2010 mm

  • Operational Weight: 280kg to 490 kg dependant on specification

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Summer Holidays…

Please note our sales office is closed for annual holidays throughout AUGUST.

We wish you happy holidays and look forward to seeing in September 🙂