Gazell + Defender = Wow!

We recently had a client call and ask if we could find a buyer for his much used and much loved Gazell. He wanted a good price for it and he especially wanted it to go to a good home.

We were able to help him on both counts and negotiated the sale for him along with installation on the new owner’s Defender 110.

Installation on most 4×4 trucks is straight forward but the taller cab of the Defender makes it a bit more complicated. The job needs to be done by people who really understand the Defender, especially if the car will be used off-road (it will be, it’s a Defender!) so we used our friends & technical partners down at Devon 4×4 for the installation and a fine job they did too.

The buyers, a lovely Dutch couple, are based in Portugal and have many exciting trips planned for their new toy. We look forward to hearing of their adventures!