Gazell Show Model Arrives…

When we got the call from Alain to say our Gazell show model was ready for shipping we had a quick think. The usual way is to call the shipping company, wait a few days and there it is. But Alain’s base is tantalisingly close to the Alps, there was snow on the slopes and a good many potential clients were keen to know how the Gazell would be as a year round camper; there was only one thing to do…

So we jumped in the Hilux and a day and a half  later arrived at the fitting centre at Vougy. The Gazell was duly installed and off we headed to la Chaîne des Aravis for some proper winter testing. The Hilux barely even noticed the Gazell was on board (useful on those narrow mountain passes!) and as we climbed up into the mountains and out above the clouds we were greeted with beautiful clear skies. We couldn’t have asked for more; beautiful sunny days and bitterly cold nights. Perfect conditions for some proper winter testing.

If an LPG heating system is specified for the UK market it’s generally installed here in the UK by the Propex factory, so when we collected her she had no heating. We took with us a little 300w oil filled heater for use while on the campsite, but out on the Aires we’d have to manage without.

It was beautiful during the day but as the sun went down the temperature plummeted. By dusk it was well below freezing; that’s thick thick ice on the windscreen already.

Well you can probably guess just by the fact that we are writing this that we were more than a little pleased with the outcome. While night time temperatures plummeted into minus double figures the tiny heater easily kept us warm and toasty inside.

Even on the nights with no heating we were comfortable. The efficiency of the insulation, especially that of the lifting roof, massively exceeded our expectations.  The cute little Gazell may have been born for the desert, but there’s no doubt she’s equally happy out in a winter wonderland.

This is a camper that will win your heart. Yes she is beautifully designed and exceptionally well put together, but it’s more than that; somehow she seems to have a soul. You’ll want to spend as much time as you can with her, and not just in the summer, you just won’t want to put her away for the winter.  Luckily you won’t have to!

If you’d like to see the Gazell for yourself just give us a call and let’s make it happen