At SBS Adventure Campers we offer the finest and most comprehensive range of 4×4 adventure, expedition and demountable campers anywhere.

With the exception of Trayon, which is proudly built in Australia, our entire range is built with immense pride in Europe.  There are no compromises. Each and every one is lovingly designed, engineered and crafted by people who really understand and love what they do. With that passion comes comfort, practicality, and true quality, the kind that’s buried deep inside where you can’t see it or touch it. The kind that simply and without fuss, looks after you and your investment, year after year, mile after mile .

Our standard range covers all regular pick-ups, or choose a bespoke unit to fit almost any truck you care to think of.  Family holidays, weekends away or a world tour.  From the searing heat of the Desert to the freezing cold of the North Cape, any road or no road. You decide,  your camper won’t let you down.

In every area that matters our range leads the way:  strength, durability, comfort, practicality, weight & weight distribution.  No other range comes close. It’s taken 30 years to get there but it was worth the wait, the demountable has finally come of age!

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Aero One

The revolutionary Aero One has turned the demountable market on it’s head. This full 4-season camper uses super tough, super light, racing yacht technology for the body and ultra light aircraft technology for the interior.

The result is one of the toughest campers you can buy, and at an astonishing 475kg fully equipped, it’s also one of the lightest.

The body is not only lighter and stronger than any other, it’s also beautifully finished and perfectly insulated. The one piece construction guarantees you will never be troubled with leaks, there’s no timber to rot and all external fittings and fasteners are in stainless steel or anodised aluminium alloy. The Aero One is designed and built to last a lifetime.
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The Gazell is no ordinary camper: cute and compact on the outside yet incredibly spacious and practical on the inside.

The Gazell just oozes innovation and quality. Inside you’ll find sleeping, sitting and dining space for four, a pleasant and practical galley, a toilet and even a shower. The vast double bed is ready in a jiffy and when the bed is in use there’s still room to sit and relax ‘downstairs’ with all facilities still fully accessible and usuable. All this without detracting in any way from the base car’s off road or towing capabilities.

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Herman ‘Royal Sport’

The Royal Sport is unique in using carbon fibre for the body shell and even for composite parts like the moulded shower compartment. The furniture is built from extremely lightweight, custom produced panels combining a honeycomb core with real wood veneer and edging. Combine these features with almost anal attention to detail and the result is staggering: a 4 berth, 2.5 meter cabin with a comprehensive specification weighing in at around 500kg, and that includes the self levelling hydraulic jacks. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, you can even specify an additional heated pop-up sleeping area in the roof giving 6 full size adult berths. 

The Royal Sport is designed and engineered for extreme all year round use, is beautifully finished and built to last a lifetime.

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Trayon is Australia’s No. 1 slide-on camper. It’s almost indestructible and carries a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty to prove it. That’s 10 years of use in the Outback, the Sahara, or even Saunton Sands.

Trayon Campers have been exploring the world since 1994. This incredible camper is super compact, super light weight, and super tough, yet it transforms into a super comfortable 4 berth camper in only 3 minutes.

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